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I can not startup the database in mount mode

C:\Users\Administrator>sqlplus sys/Oracle11g@mopdb as sysdba

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How user are Initially getting on RAC Env ?

Dear all,

How user are Initially getting on RAC Env ?

Are they initially using VIP (which i... (5 repl.)
Explain Plan vs Actual Execution Plan

hi masters

My question is is the Explain Plan and estimate or is the actual plan. I
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Enabling AMM automatic memory managment in oracle12c

Dear Friends,

In our production server memory management is static not dynamic.Automatic memory m... (1 repl.)
Facing issue during applying PSU Patch July-2017 patch 26609783

Dear Friends,

I was facing issues during applying PSU Patch July-2017 patch 26609783.

1. opatc... (1 repl.)
views creation using impdp

Hi Guys

I have production environment that run Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release 11.... (6 repl.)
split ASM diskgroup into two part

hello masters,

I have one disk group named +DATA which is containing 5-row disk each size of 100G... (2 repl.)
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What is your experience with pluggable databases so far?
Already using. One or two gotcha's but generally ok.
R&D at the moment, with the intention of utilizing the CDB architectur...
Early days yet but a bit clunky.
Haven't explored this feature yet.
Yes, a nice feature.
Has anyone managed to get DBVisit to work in a pluggable ecosystem? I ...
We are using 12c/SE2 that means that we only can host 1 PDB in a CDB. ...